FIA Arrests Chinese Gang for ATM Skimming


Cyber Crime Circle, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) caught and detained the gang of the Chinese fraudulent, who drew the amount the Automatic Teller Machine. The gang is captured with the help of administration of Bank Al-Habib Limited and these fraudsters were involved in the case of attacking on the ATM skimming devices with PIN Hole Camera Panel at ATMs, which belong to different banks located in Karachi.

FIA caught the gang red handed with the devices, which were recovered from their possession. FIA and banks lodged the operation jointly and they were determined the value of money, which is transferred from Pakistan to different countries and the details of the case and its investigation has been concluded.

The investigation authority confirmed from the representative of Al-Habib Bank Limited that the fraudsters were illegally captured the card data from ATMs and they sent the details to the foreign countries so that they can execute the international cash withdrawals and rep of the bank became the key person in arresting the gang.

It is said that the Chinese gang was comprised of Zhong Xianming and Zhong Xianquan and the attempted to remove the ATM skimming device and PIN Hole Camera panel from BAHL ATM, which is located at the chartered Accountant Avenue Branch Karachi. The agency caught the gang on the tip of the customers. FIR got launched against the culprits under section 3, 4, 13, 14 of PECA 2016 r/w 420 & 109 PPXC

The initial investigation has been carried out and the devices like skimmer and laptop was attached with NCR-Self Serve ATM and skimmer is attached with Diebold ATM, fake counterfeit cards, with the provision of data of various banks, external hard disks and imported double rape roles with ATM PIN, which capture the data and other useful and auxiliary illegal materials. FIA will share the details of the different affected ATMs with the respective banks soon.

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