FIA Arrests Man for Blackmailing via WhatsApp




The use of mobile phone and internet is increasing rapidly and it has brought the spate of cyber crimes. The government has already passed the Cyber Crime Bill and the law enforcement agencies took action under the provision of these rules. The agencies have arrested a man, who used WhatsApp to blackmail and threaten the victim to get large amount of money. The mobile phone repair man working at Hanzala Communications in Javeria Mobile City, Model Colony Karachi and FIA arrested him with the serious allegations of blackmailing the victims, who used WhatsApp.

He sent personal videos, which have some objectionable material on WhatsApp to the victim and asked them to pay the Rs.50,000/- or he would upload more videos of the victim having personal nature. The accused captured the videos, which are used for the purpose of blackmailing and evading and he used this number, which was registered to a woman.

Case Details

According to the detail of the case, Mr Zahid visited the mobile phone repair shop to get repaired his phone. When the phone was repaired, he asked the culprit, Muhammad Saleem to sell this phone. When he sold the phone, he found a memory card from the mobile phone and there were some immoral pictures of sister of Mr. Zahid. He took this memory card and he used phones of his customers who sent him for repair with the SIM and that number was registered to a woman, and he started blackmailing Mr Zahid.

Muhammad Saleem

Muhammad Saleem

He asked Mr Zahid to pay the sum of Rs.50,000/- by sending the pictures of his sister on WhatsApp and demanded Rs.50,000/- to delete the pictures of his sister or he would upload the pictures of his sister on the objectionable websites. The victim agreed to pay the amount to Saleem and it was decided to meet him at a restaurant in Karachi. The victim informed the cyber crime cell of FISA and they sent the raiding party to the restaurant. When Saleem reached there and the information about the objectionable video was confirmed that he was arrested.

Punishment Details

The accused will be charged under section 16, 21 and 24 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 and the actual punishment details were not provided.

This is the first case of its kind, in which the popular instant messaging service is involved to commit the crime. There are some other cases, which involved facebook and they are used for blackmailing through the personal images or videos to get large amount of money from the victim.

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