FIA Arrests Two Online Car Sale Fraud


When the online sale of the products is started, there are many fake companies and department, which started fraud or looting of the people. Although there are many real and actual companies, which have boosted their business through online provision of their products. These companies and departments have increased their reputation by the provision of quality products online and it won the trust of the people. The investigation agencies also receive numerous complaints about the online fraud as the criminals get advantage of the new ways to rip off the innocent people. Federal Investigation Agency starts its operations against the suspects, who commit the crime online and also scam the internet users.

They cyber crime bill was passed last year and it helps the concerned agencies to focus on the online frauds. The cyber crime wing of FIA deals with such complaints and they deal with the incidents and try to curb this menace and arrest the people, who are involved in online fraud. FIA has arrested two persons from Karachi, who were involved in posting fake ads about the sale of the cars online during the operation against the suspects being involved in online sale fraud of the cars. FIA found the strong evidence against the individuals, who were connected with online car sale scam and they detained them after contacting with them for the purchase of car. The investigation has been carried out and FIA wants to make the strong case against the criminals.

The concerned individuals admitted that they posted the ads on the internet for the sale of the cars and they tried to scam the people, who contacted with them for the purchase of the car. The accused also admitted that they collected Rs.50 lac through this scam.

Better Safe than Sorry

People need to understand when contacting the persons through their online advertising of the vehicle, there is no surety being provided from anyone that the advertisers are trustworthy. The authority picks their mobile numbers being given in their websites, which make their work easy to track down these criminals. It is best for the people to be careful and they should take all necessary precautions when they deal with advertisers and buyers.

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