Fifth International Festival with Cooperation of Media


Karachi, the prominent media group has arranged the Fifth international festival for the movies of the children, which is still continued in Apex cinema. The children of different schools are participating and they are also enjoying with this kids movies. In this film festival, 56 movies of 24 different countries are exhibited. This film festival has been managing with the cooperation of nongovernmental and business organizations, ‘The Little Art’ and ‘Teacher Resource Center’ since 2010.  The program manager, Umar Ijaz Khan of ‘The Little Art’ talked with media group that the movies for the kids in Pakistan are equal to none. Their organization is managing these movies for the extra-curricular activities of the children in the country through this art. In this fair, such movies are also exhibited, which are made by the children.

The3 duration of the festival is comprised of 5 days. The schools administrations gave good response on this festival and the administration of this fair extended the duration of this festival to 4 more days. He also said they manage the film festival and also hold the competition of the film making of the children. the jury of the competition is comprised of leading writer, Asghar Nadeem Sayed, Fazal Ahmed, Wajeeh Rizvi, documentary filmmaker, Tazeen Bari, and Professor Majid Saeed of National College of Arts.




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