Find My Doctor Reaches 10,000+ Checkups in October


Find My Doctor FMD Private Limited is a modern and smart way of providing extensive and affordable healthcare services at doorstep via its website and Mobile App. The FMD precedes its operations anywhere when a patient sends a checkup request online. The FMD has fast and reliable medical checkup services whereby appointment is booked without any hassle.

Find My Doctor FMD Private Limited has reached a milestone in October by visits and checkups and has carried out over 10,000 checkups and FMD proudly providing its doctor checkups, making healthcare convenient for patients.

FMD CEO Saad Siddiqui Said:

‘‘We could not be more thankful to the people of Pakistan, for trusting us in providing them with access to better healthcare facilities. Conducting such a huge number of checkups in October has led us to the realization that people are in dire need to access healthcare services at home, especially in times of COVID-19, and we are determined to make this possible for them,’’

The FMD successfully managed to expand its operations in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, and Hyderabad. Find My Doctor aiming to create a healthier and happier community, by providing access to maximum people with its healthcare facilities to ensure Pakistan’s healthcare progresses similar to the healthcare system of other developed countries.

CEO Saad Siddiqui further added:

‘‘Find My Doctor plans on expanding its presence into Lahore and Multan in the next 1 month, to facilitate the people there with our healthcare services,”

The healthcare industry is continuously changing, with people demanding affordable and better access to healthcare. To meet the patient’s demand for a healthcare approach without a seamless approach, FMD is doing wonders in the healthcare industry by providing home-based healthcare services.

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