First Indian Movie of Saba Qamar Objections


Mumbai, Saba Qamar is the Pakistani leading artist and she has performed in the Indian movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ and various objections are raised on this movie before its release. This film will have to face many complications in the future. The trailer of the first Indian movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ of Saba Qamar has been released. Millions of people have watched this trailer on the Youtube and most of the people like this trailer. But people started objection on the movie.

The movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ of Saba Qamar and Irfan Khan got the appreciation on the social media and it movie has faced the accusation of the replica of the Bengali movie, ‘Ram Dhano’, which was released in 2014. The Bengali movie is based on the family belong to the middle class, which wants to get their children admitted in the English medium school to get better education. The story of the movie of Saba Qamar has the similarity and on this basis, it faced the blame of replica of the Bengali movie.

On the other hand, the director of the movie, Sakeet Chaudhary refused to accept the blame of the theft of the movie and said that they have done the research work on the script of the movie for one year and the story of the movie is based on the facts and the viewers watch the movie fist to reach to the final decision.

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