Fly Drones from Own Bodies Through Smart Jacket


Stockholm, man cannot fly himself but it became able to fly the drones from his own body. When we run in the childhood with open arms and we considered ourselves the planes. Now you can wear the virtual reality (VR) helmet and the smart jacket added with sensor and you can control the drone. You can use this system sitting in your own room and it seems that you are boarding on a plane and it is flying with your own movements.
The young engineers of Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland (EPFL) have prepared this jacket control from the drone and the sensor attached with it note the movements of the body and they send it to the real drone present in the air or they can fly the aircraft through the virtual environments or simulator. If you turn on the right side, the drone turns to the right side and when you turn to the left side, it starts flying in left side. If you lose the balance, then the drone will become out of balance.
The helmet wear on your head, tells you what is happening with the drone because of your body movements. You can also feel the intensity of the air through the headphones it means that the drone is in the air. But you can feel it on your own. The virtual reality helmet tells the position of the drone in the air.

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