Get MasterCard Credit Card on Your Own Terms and Credit Limit



Most of the Pakistani clients do not qualify to get the credit card. They tell the people that they must have the salaried job, sizable income, office address and verifiable home address and they can get the credit card.

There are most of the Pakistanis, who are freelancers, small business owners and they are located at the places where TCS or bank verification teams cannot approach there and all of them dream to get the credit card to have the legitimate use. This is the reason that the credit card penetration in Pakistan is standing at the miserable level of 0.01%.

Now Easypaisa has changed everything and it allows the users to use the mobile app to create the MasterCard credit cards within few seconds.

You should go to Easypaisa mobile app > click on the credit cards > select the validity date and spending limit. Then you will get a credit card in less than 10 minutes and you can use it anywhere online, On AliExpress, Daraz or with Careem. The clients can use the virtual credit card for any transport online or offline (where physical cards are not needed to swipe) and the payment will be made to the clients from their Easypaisa account. The real life usages of the credit card are endless and Easypaisa made the product useful and they can check the features, which are given below:

Salient Features:

  • The clients can create their own credit card within 10 seconds.
  • The clients can set their own expiry date and limit of spending money
  • They can create unlimited number of cards (maximum two at a time) with the different expiry dates and spending limits.
  • You can pause a card like freeze it temporarily.
  • You can delete any card within 2 seconds.
  • They will not charge for creating card and the clients will be charged from heir Easypaisa account, when they will use card for any payments online.
  • Charges are included with:
    • There is no fee for creating cards, delete it or keep it active.
    • The clients will be charge when there will be payment made online.
    • Easypaisa says they would not charge currency exchange fee from 2.5 to 3.5%.


The above solution is prepaid virtual debit card and we use the word of credit card because it can be used online.

There is huge number of Pakistanis, who think that the basic difference between the credit and debit card (other than the prepaid and postpaid) is that credit cards can be used online when debit cards cannot be used. There is the MasterCard and Easypaisa Powered Virtual Debit Card.

Create MasterCard Credit Card of Their Own

The clients should have the Easypaisa account with the limitation that can be used easily and they can get an account and install it the mobile app. When they have the Easypaisa account and mobile app installed, they will get a screen below,

which will tell the account balance and options to carry out various operations on the home screen.

They will find a button, ‘Virtual card’ at the bottom right and click on it.


They will click on ‘Create another card’.


Have you select expiry or validity of card. When you select, click ‘next’.


You will also select the spending limit of their choice. If you want to use this card for Netflix payments and they can set their limit at Rs.1000 per month to ensure nothing is deducted beyond your expectation.

Select the limit and click ‘next’ to get the card up and ready for use over internet.


It will take for couple of seconds and you will go here.


You can flip card to watch the CCV code.

You will find ‘Pause’ and ‘Deactive/Delete’ buttons on the card that you can use to deactivate the card temporarily or delete them permanently.

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