Google and Microsoft Team Up To End Illegal Downloads


A code of conduct has been signed by tech giants Microsoft and Google in order to make combined efforts against illegal downloads. After this, he search results of websites with pirated and fake data will be omitted from their search engines.

These two technology firms have reach this agreement with entertainment industry in order to abolish links from online available pirated music and films.

Along with this agreement, the anti-piracy program will also run side by side. The reports say that the code of conduct will become fully operational in the middle of 2017.

Now the front pages of Google and Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) will be difficult places for the websites hosting the pirated content. Bing has signed a new code of conduct (CoC) which is made to take these websites down.

A minister in UK said that search engines should work along with creative industries by blocking the links to pirated sites and only present links to legitimate websites and services.

Britain’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has financed this code and its aim is to stop the appearance of illegal websites on search engines.

The code is voluntary but the performance of Bing and Google about stopping links of these pirated sites will be monitored by the copyright watchdog and strict measures will be taken in future if required.

But Google has always claimed that traffic to piracy websites is not mainly provided by search engines. Google said that it is already making anti-piracy efforts and the recent efforts in that way would check these efforts by Google. A spokesperson of Google told that they are ready to tackle this issue along with the holders of these rights.

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