Hollywood Movie Magnificent Seven Top on American Box Office


 Denzel Washington’s film “The Magnificent Seven” is ruling the American Box Office by earning more than 3 billion and 50 crore rupees while last week’s top film “Sully” remained on 3rd spot this week.

The Magnificent Seven” is the remake of 1960s classic film while its story is about seven gunmen who declared war against dangerous dacoits in the area of Old West.

Animated movie “Storks” remained at 2nd position with 2 billion 20 crore rupees. Story of this movie revolves around the effort to take a new born baby to his home.

Film “Sully” remained on 3rd spot with business of 1 billion 40 crore rupees. In three weeks, this film has earned 9 billion 24 crore rupees. The film is based on the true story of crash landing at Hudson River in which pilot successfully lands the plane on Hudson River and saves the lives of 155 passengers and crew members.


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