Honda Turns Urban EV Concept into Reality


Honda attended the Frankfurt Auto Show last year and the leading manufacturer presented the small and cute hatchback, which got the attention of the viewers. The vehicle, Urban EV managed to get the attention of the viewers because of its small retro design. There are some other concept vehicles, which have been launched at the motor shows for the references and these vehicles are not brought to the assembly line to turn them into reality. The viewers showed their interest in this car and they compelled the company to start the production of this vehicle next year.

The company promised that they would retain the overall design of the concept vehicle but they will have to settle some legislation issue and they will have to do certain things to settle them. The front and back lights with super minimalist interior with wrap around display screen are no go. The production unit will retain most of the design. It has not curvature lines, which will increase the visibility of the car from all sides and especially from the back.

The vehicle, Urban EV is the small car with the footprint of 2nd generation Suzuki Cultus and the battery packs will be not large and the overall range of the vehicle will be about 100 miles on the single charge. When the production of the vehicle is started, Urban EV will manage to boost the sales of the vehicle as this car has the wonderful design and has the high maneuverability in the city and there is no official news about the battery size, pricing and equipment.  



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