How Pakistan Best for Tourism?


The UK based Back Peeker society declared Pakistan best tourism destination of the world. The society said that Pakistan is peaceful, best hospitable and friendly country.

The Back Peeker society also releaqsed the list of the 20 best places for the tourism, in which Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Kirghizstan, China and India are also included.  Samual Johnson and Adam Sloper have issued this list after the visits of about 101 countries of the world. They talked with media and said that Pakistan got the fair position in this list as it has various natural beautiful places and sceneries and the hospitality of the people of Pakistan won their hearts and Pakistan is the best friend on this earth surely.

They want to suggest the fans of the tourism to select Pakistan for the tour. They should travel along with Karakoram highway from Islamabad to Khanjrab pass, they will surely get the enjoyment. Samual said that there are very beautiful places in Pakistan beyond their thinking and they will leave their prints on the minds of the people and they will spellbound by their beauty.

26 years old Samual  and Sloper belonging to Southern England travelled to Pakistan during the summer season and they spend some days in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad and after that they went to Kaghan valley, passing through Naran and till Babu Sar to Northern Gilgit. They travelled to Hunza valley. From there, they decided to climb up the Hoon Pass from Karimabad.

They said the reason to select Hoon Pass that the leading British mountain climber, Eric Shipton walked on it and they wanted to follow its foot prints to get the enjoyment from these sceneries, which he discovered and he also shared it after that. Samuel remembered his journey and said that he did not so much beautiful scenery before it in the world and these sceneries got them memerized.

He suggested that the fans of the mountain climbing should come here as they must not watch such a beautiful scene before this in their real lives. They should go there and they will be spell bound from these mesmerizing moments. They declared the Hunza valley and the hill tops of these areas the best natural scenes of the world. The adventurous tourist said that the tourists of the world should travel from Islamabad to China through Khunjrab Pass along the Karakoram highway, as it will be most memorable and wonderful journey of their lives.

Tourism Jobs in Pakistan

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