How to Register Cyber Crime Online in Sindh Pakistan


Federal Investigation Agency Sindh Zone has launched the new web portal to get registered the complaints online, which are related to the cyber crime. FIA Sindh receives over 20 complaints every day, which are related to cyber crime.

Dr Amir Ahmed Sheikh, Director FIA Sindh Zone launched the web portal in media after giving the briefing, which is held in Karachi at his office. The senior additional directors of FIA were present in the briefing. He informed media that the launching of social media and mobile internet, there is significant increase in the cyber crimes. The web portal was introduced in the past and it became outdated and was not able to meet the requirements of the victims and the agency and new web portal will become very useful for different purposes.

Dr Amir further added that the new web portal will provide all necessary information that people want to know in the cyber crime cases. He added that new online complaint reporting will make the work of lodging of complaints easy and it will help FIA to respond on such crimes. The online complaint system will be durable and useful for young girls, women and the young children, and they can become victims of the harassment and they do not report to the office of the agency.

FIA has decided to adopt the humane approach to develop this system. This portal can keep the identity of the victims hidden and secret. The relative of the victim can get register the complaint and they can use video capabilities for the registration of complaints.

When the complaint is registered, an SMS will be sent to the affected person or victim within 24 to 48 hours and the name of the investigation officer and the contact number of FIA is shared with the affected person. The complainant does not need to submit the affidavit in the cyber crime cases.

Dr Amir said that in the cyber crime and blackmailing cases, 70% of the victims are women and young girls and there are only 30% of the victims are male. FIA Cyber crimes Sindh received 2019 complaints are divided into three categories.

  • 1592 complains in category of blackmailing, harassment and defamation,
  • 307 were related to financial fraud, with 116 of them threatening
  • 186 were for the email hacking, spoofing.

It is reported that young boys get involved in the cyber crime activities, harassing and in some cases, the blackmailing and it can increase the depression in victims especially the young girls and they even attempt suicide after becoming blackmail victims.

Dr Amir told that Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, the severe punishments in blackmailing is suggested and the law mentions the imprisonment of 3 to 14 years of imprisonment and / or fine from Rs.50 thousand to 5 million to the affected person.

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