How to write Personal Statement Sample 1


Personal Statment Sampl

Personal Statment Sampl

Personal Statement 1:

If you have urban background, which is one of metropolitan city, I got the chance to enroll in the well reputed educational institutions. I received information about SUSI and I am one of them, who to avail this opportunity. I am lucky to get high quality education throughout my life and I wish for my fellow youth, who are getting education in underprivileged institutions. The youth of rural areas of Pakistan do not get the access to quality education and it helps me to get the empowerment to be able to work for education reforms in the country. I am active social worker, traveler, community contributor and they have been involved the different volunteer forums.

I will act as the change agent in the group in order to remove the negative stereotypes and also present the bright side of my country fellows to my colleagues. I am selected in this program and I am the first person of my family to be cognizant of latest techniques and methodologies.

I will visit the various educational institutions to learn about US government system and the policies. It will help me to understand various cultural perspectives, awareness, self-development, interaction with diverse people and student relationships in order to improve language skills and enhance my social activities. I will replace and implement the efficient policies about education in my native city.


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