How to Write Personal Statement Sample 4


Personal Statment Sample

Personal Statment Sample

How to Write Personal Statement 4:

I belong to the city ABC and I completed my primary education from XYZ. I was born in Peshawar and was raised in the same city. The metropolitan city has the rich history of culture and tradition. My forefathers belonged to this city and they spent their lives in this beautiful city of Peshawar. Unfortunately, during the last few decades, the situation got reverse and now the well known and well reputed valley is now in the headlines of the bomb blasts and the terrorist activities.

After the risky situation, I completed my education with no mentorship. Peshawar had been infiltrated by the fundamentalists like the extremism of Taliban. The brutal incidents in the city and on the border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan turned the peaceful city into the terror stricken city.

Since my childhood, I got interested about their local people, their traditional living style, foods and the ways of life in the city and in the villages. I wanted to meet with them to know about them. It has changed my mind in order to promote education and other facilities and remove the poverty in the rural areas and how we can help them to fulfill their requirements.

I was confident to work in the group and address the requirements of the poor people, who live in our civil society, where they did not get the basic requirements of life. I liked to promote the ways of life and remove the poverty from our society in the rural areas.

I can increase my knowledge through this program and I will be able to address the requirements of people and I will know about the people as they are helping and I can gain more innovative and modern ideas through this program. I will apply these unique and modern ideas in my country, which will support the people to solve their basic issues.


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