Hrithik Roshan Dream Home in Pictures


Mumbai, The pictures of the home of action hero of Bollywood film industry, Hrithek Roshan have been revealed for the first time. The glowing and glitter of the house wondered the people as it was looking a tremendous home.

The Bollywood star, Hrithek Roshan is included in the top rated actors of the Bollywood and he is also included in the list of the actors, who take most of the amount to perform in the movies.  He started his film career in 2000 and his first movie, ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ was released in the same year. He got tremendous popularity and after that he performed in various other movies like ‘Fiza’, ‘Yadain’, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’,Aap Mujhay Achay Lagnay Laghay’, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, ‘Krrish’, ‘Dhoom2’, ‘Kites’, ‘Agni Path’ and ‘Kabil’.

There is turbulence in his personal life and he saw many ups and downs in his life. He divorced his wife, Sozaine Khan and he has two sons from her. He lives in Prime Johu, which is the most posh area of Mumbai and he has his own residence separate from his father. The pictures of his elegant home are appeared and the fans look these pictures with great surprise. The house covers the area of 3600 square feet and all kinds of the facilities of life are provided in this home and the office of the action hero is also in his home.

He has a gym to take the exercise in his home and an indoor play area to play the indoor games. He has made the play room and the study room for the children in his home and every kind of recreational equipments are provided in his home for the children. The film hero has unique and rare pictures and paintings of the world, which he bought at the expensive rate and gets them decorated in his home. The Bollywood action star has 4 elegant homes in the posh areas like Johu and Andheri and he has the property of 100 kanals in Bangluru.









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