Imran Khan Endorses Careem for 25000 Jobs in Peshawar


To improve the standard of life of common people and place itself as the inspiring institution, Careem has created the new jobs with its appealing demographics, streamlining the processes and open the doors to the general public in various other cities like Peshawar.

The newly established company, Careem is leaving the positive and meaningful impact on the communities to operate it and it has taken the part to change the perspectives to the service industry. There has been the stigma, which is attached to the service jobs and it leads to the particular set of people, who apply for them. The company has changed the type of thinking and it has recruited people from the general public.

It sketches the interesting view to offer all of the people to become the captain as they can possess the enriched life through their financial returns with the copious gossip. People around the society can ask the question of the sources of their increase in their income.

This new type of the recruitment should appeal to the new demographic so that the college goers, freelancers, past time workers, and other people ready to make extra income and they have the facility to choose their own work hours. If the appeal of more income and convenient working hours are not enough, then Careem has streamlined the recruitment process.

The interested candidates can upload their documents from comfort of their home and they can be able to book the training slot right way. It will increase in the supply of Captains as the past candidates would have to trudge their way to reach to the office of Careem in their concerned cities so that they can start their process.

Now Careem is recruiting the Captains from all of the metropolises, where it is operated and it hopes that this trend will open up to other cities.

Careem is recently launching the service in Peshawar, which is a testament how Careem plans to lay the strong roots locally. It is possible that there would be 25,000 jobs in Peshawar in the company and the company has gained the attention of Imran Khan, who appreciated the efforts of the company public ally in the country and he promised to make the laws for ride hailing services.

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