Income Tax Non-Filers Can Be Imprisoned & Fined


Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started the imprisonment and the fines and penalties against the people, who are the non filers of the income tax. The citizens, who do not file their income tax and their wealth statement, they will be charged and the non compliance of the act can be charged with two years imprisonment.

The tax department has issued various notices to the individuals to pay their income tax and the people, who do not comply with the regulations, and they fail to submit their tax returns with the applicable fines and penalties.

FBR sources told that the tax department enforces the citizens with minimum penalty, who neglected to pay the income tax returns for the year 2015 and the years before it. Under the provision of Section 191of Income Tax ordinance 2001, the income tax department started the prosecution of the individuals, who failed to file their tax returns even after issuing of the notices from FBR. The sources of FBR said that indictment for resistance would be started in non-compliance to the notices and it is distributed by the tax department under Section 191 of Income Tax ordinance 2001.

The non compliance of the income tax filing, the responsible persons will be fined with Rs.50,000/- or imprisonment for a period of two years or both the punishments.


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