Jazz Safety Kits to Working From Home Employees


As the Coronavirus outbreak is continued and most of the people of the companies and departments are working from home. Jazz has issued the safety kits to its employees, who work from home amid COVID-19 outbreak. Jazz Safety Kits to Working From Home Employees.

Jazz Safety Kits to Working

Jazz Safety Kits to Working

Each employee of Jazz received the care package, which is added with face masks, instructional pamphlets, hand sanitizers regarding disease and they are used as the preventive measures. Jazz obtained the special permission from the government in order to distribute the safety kits among the employees during the lockdown. The employees are receiving the care packages and some of the employees thanked the organization on the social media for this caring gesture being shown by their company.

The CEO of Jazz said that they wanted to take care of their employees, who kept the organization running smoothly by working from home during the COVID-19 breakout. The organization wants them to remain safe and they should be aware of the dangers, which they can face from this disease. He further added that this is the small token of care of their employees and they give the importance to their employees.

The company is taking care of their employees, who work from home and they also give attention to all those employees, who are working outdoors to remain running the function of the company or they are working for the complaint resolution and also follow the stringent protocols.

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