job opportunities Gwadar Port over 40,000


In Gwadar, the construction of a 10 km industrial free zone is underway while more than 40,000 jobs will be produced alone in the port city while more jobs can be created in future also.

Dostain Khan Jamaldini, chairman Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), told that $2 billion is the cost of construction of Gwadar Free Zone while 300 factories for manufacturing of various products will be established by investors from Middle East, China, Pakistan and Europe.

He said that Gwadar Free Zone is spread over 10 square km of land for which a Chinese firm is spending $2 billion for construction of roads and provision of water, electricity and gas while the work will be completed in given time.

Chairman GPA said that an agreement was signed between Pakistan and China in 2013 after which the work on execution of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) has been started. Under this project, the construction of railway track, road network and communication infrastructure is underway from Xinjiang (China) to Gwadar. This project also includes construction work on various road and rail tracks including Mughal Kot-Zhob, Gwadar-Rato Dero, Gwadar-Hoshab, Multan-Sukkur and Skardu-Hawalian. For these rail and road infrastructure of CPEC, China is investing $46 billion.

Jamaldini added that under CPEC, a 300 MW power plant in Gwadar will also be established that will run simultaneously on gas, coal and diesel while the energy requirements of new industries in Gwadar will be met by the establishment of LNG plant.

He told that road network infrastructure of CPEC will be completed till 2018 while several other related projects will complete till 2030. There are several projects and programs in this flagship project that will remain continue till 2018.

He also told that youth in Balochistan will be provided related training through several vocational and technical institutes that will be established in Quetta, Gwadar, Khuzdar and other cities along with industrial parks in various cities of Balochistan as part of CPEC.

He said that Gwadar Deep seaport will be connected with Gwadar International Airport through a 19 km long East Bay Expressway and the project will be completed till 2018. Rs. 14 billion is the cost of Early Harvest Project in Gwadar. According to GPS chairman, the East Bay Expressway will also be aided by a parallel two-way railway track.

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