Kareena Kapoor Fond of Ghee


Kareena Kapoor doesn’t eat meat despite being a part of Kapoor family but she is fond of butter (ghee). She uses ghee with everything including rice, pulses and bread. Kareena said in an interview that her grandmother is 80 years old but she is still healthy with fair complexion while secret of her health is pure ghee that she used her whole life. Kareena also likes samosa and kachure.

Kareena told that she uses raw vegetables, soup, yogurt and dry fruits to keep herself healthy. She also likes cheese while she starts her day with juice or milk and sometimes she also eats paratha. She doesn’t like tea or coffee.

Kareena was fond of tanduri chicken before avoiding meat while fish curry and lobsters were also her favorites. She gives importance to eat at home instead of hoteling. Kareena don’t like cooking but she says that she can cook local and foreign foods.


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