Lady Won Car After Kissing it for 50 Hours


Texas, There was an interesting competition conducted in US city, Aston to kiss the cars. A lady won the car after kissing it for consecutive 50 hours and she also won the car. A local FM radio conducted this competition and the company presented its new rand vehicle, Optima LX 2017’ as the prize. When the competition was started, about twenty persons stuck their lips with the cars and they wanted to spend most of the time to win the cars. There was a simple principle that any man or woman kisses the car after passing 50 hours, then he will be given the car as his prize. But the management also allowed them for ten minutes as the recess period. If more than one person kissed the car for fifty hours, then the decision will be made through draw. They will have to go to the bathrooms, eat or drink something and after that they touched their lips with the car, otherwise, they will be taken out of the competition.

Lips of some people started dry and they leave the competition. A participant of the competition that she has some boils in her mouth and noses of some participants got red and some people have problems in their neck. Some people enjoyed with music to pass their time and they stuck their lips with the cars, when 50 hours were completed, that there were 7 participants and the company announced to finish the competition and they announced the draw. 30 years old woman participant won the draw and she won the car. There were some other participants, who were awarded with gifts and tickets of the concerts and this competition was also telecast on the facebook.




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