Lahore Crackdown Punjab Police Seizes 260000 Illegal Number Plates


The Excise Department Lahore have captured 260,000 illegal number plates during the crackdown in Lahore. The Excise Department with the Special Monitoring Unit Punjab launched this crackdown in Lahore against the vehicles having the illegal number plates.

There are about 260,000 number plates, which were seized during crackdown as the DG of CM’s Strategic Reforms Unit, Salman Sufi said and these number plates were caught under operation ‘Transport Sahulat Program, which is now entered in the second phase of its operation.

Illegal Plate Makers Also Targeted

DG of CM’s Strategic Reforms Unit added that they not only caught the illegal number plates but the manufacturers of these forged plates were also on their target.

The main purpose to carry out this crackdown is to help the new security cameras, which are installed at different places in the city and they can scan the number plates very easily. The number plates, which are not registered with the Excise and Taxation Department, they cannot be scanned properly, so the crackdown was started.

The number plates with different slogans, designation, or they show their affiliation with the organizations in private or public sectors, are now seized. The concerned authorities also said that this operation will be enhanced in the coming days.

First Phase of the Program

The spokesperson of City Traffic Police of Lahore said that there were about 279,274 challans have been lodged in 2016 for illegal number plates and the tinted windows of the cars.

The Chief Traffic Officers said that about 62293 vehicles having ‘Applied For’ vehicles and 371 green plates and 158152 vehicles have been fined in Lahore city only. It was the first phase of the operation, ‘Transport Sahulat Program’.

Launched Under PCSA’s Campaign

Punjab Safe Cities Authority launched the new traffic management system with the installation of new security cameras across Lahore. The system needs standard number plates that can help to recognize the vehicle through these security cameras easily.

In the new system, the new traffic lights and the separate lane for the motorcyclists was also being carried out.

PCSA and the team of Excise Department is launching the campaign to standardize the number plates according to the standards of Excise Department. Punjab government has passed the bill and the persons, who use non standard number plate, will be imprisoned for 5 years.


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