Laila tul Qadar Best from Thousands of Months will be Celebrated Tonight


Lahore, The holy month of Ramadan is going on and now the most sacred and celebrated night, Laila Tul Qadar will be celebrated tonight. The religious scholars and jurisprudence say that this is the most sacred and holy night of this entire month of Ramadan and it is best from thousands of the months.

According to the Islamic jurisprudence, Laila Tul Qadar is present in last ten odd nights of the holy month of Ramadan and it is also called Shab e Qadar or the night having blessings. It is emphasized that Muslims should pray during this night. The special gathering will be managed in the mosques and the khatam e Quran is also done tonight in most of the mosques. The sweet things are also distributed and the mosques are decorated with the lights.

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