Latest About Safe City Project In Islamabad


Federal Interior Minister CH Nisar has inaugurated the ‘safe city’ project in the Federal capital. The project cost more than Rs. 12 billion. Under this project, total 1950 cameras are installed in various locations of Islamabad while the command and control system of this project has been established in a bomb-proof building in sector H-11 from where important buildings, entrance and exit paths, roads, business centers and residential areas will be monitored. This project will help to improve security and traffic system in the Federal Capital.

Interior Minister inaugurated the project along the Chinese ambassador and then visited its command and control center. On that occasion, Ch Nisar said that it is a unique and new project in our country that will help to foul-proof the security of Islamabad. Police will monitor the whole city through cameras. Instead of praise, he wants cooperation from citizens and media. He added that training of human resources is also required alongside technology. Without good performance from police, this project has no value.

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