Latest Invention and Technology Fair in Germany


The biggest fair is started in Germany, which is equipped with latest inventions and the technology. Hundreds of people attended this fair in which the delegations of different countries were also included.

This latest technology fair was conducted in Hanover, the city of Germany and the fair, CeBIT managed the exhibition and over 3000 companies of different countries of the world put their stalls there and the latest and new products of these companies got the attention of the people. This exhibition was started from 12 June and it will last for 15 June 2018. The people and companies of different countries reached there to enhance the glory of this fair and the special interest was shown to introduce the new methods in the security.

The helping robots, robots with the artificial intelligence, modern parking system or the self driving vehicles, virtual technology or the recycling machines, all of the things surprised the participants. This fair will show its glory and it will finish on Friday.

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