Lenovo A12 2-in-1 Budget Friendly Version of Yoga Book


We mostly don’t expect complicated systems for Android/Chromebook tablets but this concept is changed by Lenovo. Last year, the company released a special ‘Yoga Book’ and now it is providing its cheaper Android powered alternative ‘Yoga A12 2 in 1”.

This tablet has 12.2” display with a slightly disappointing 1200 x 800 resolution. Android marshmallow is the OS which is just below the latest one. You can’t get Chrome OS or Windows 10 in there.

Lenovo’s special UI for A12 will provide the option for multitasking 3 different apps at a time in this tablet.

Stuck on Android 6.0?

According to reports, upgrade for OS may be available but it is not sure. It is because Lenovo has to build a custom version of Android 7 for the old Intel chip present inside the A12. There is only Android lollipop or marshmallow in all the devices using this processor.

An Intel Atom X5 Cherry Trail processor will be present under the hood. It has 32 GB of storage and 2 GB RAM while 13 hours is its expected battery life.

Features The Same “Halo” Keyboard

The “Halo” touch keyboard is the most important feature of this tablet and it is attached with the device with an axis of 360 degrees.

Yoga Book also has the same type of keyboard while new users will take some time to get use of this special keyboard. But as compared to the previous version, pen-input is not available in the current tablet.

Connectivity and Pricing

Connectivity options of this device are Bluetooth 4.1, WLAN, USB 2.0 and USB Type-C. As compared to 1.5 pounds of the previous version, it is slightly heavier with 2.2 pounds. The device will be available in the colors of gunmetal grey and rose gold.

$299 is the starting price of the ‘Yoga A12’ and you will not mind to purchase it if you like the touch keyboard system. But there is no doubt that the tablet will face tough competition in the market.

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