Livestream Old Videos in Group on Facebook


Facebook will make you able for the live stream the older videos. It is the social media giant and it makes the experiment with new tool and it makes the video more interactive and engaging. The livestream videos are six times more interactive than the normal videos and they also bring more audience.

Watch Party

The new feature of Facebook is called ‘Watch Party’ and it will be provided to select the few groups for now. The tool will allow you the live stream of video that was uploaded on the wall or group earlier. The admins will allow them to use public videos on facebook and stream it live to their members of the group and they will also watch it at the same time. There are over one billion users on facebook, who use the groups every month and Watch Party will have the big reach.

Why Groups?

The reason for testing on groups is logical one and people join the groups to give the benefit from the common discussions. They will add to watch videos, which are relevant to their group.

If people join the study or scholarship groups to get information about their new admission or scholarships, they will watch the video, which is livestreamed at the study group. It will get more audience and the better interaction among them. People will be able to leave the likes, comments and everything that they do when the video is streamed on the facebook in normal way.

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