Lux Style Festival won by Fahad Mahira and Actor In Law


Karachi, 16th Lux Style award was conducted few days earlier in which Fahad Mustafa, Mahira Khan and the movie, ‘Actor in Law’ won the awards. This movie won the awards of best movie, director and actor and Mahira Khan won the award of best actress for performing in the movie, ‘Ho Mann Jahan’.

The colorful 16th Lux style awards were conducted in Karachi and the leading and popular personalities of the showbiz attended this award show. The leading singer, Atif Aslam conducted the duties of host of the show and he hosted the show in his different style. During the award show, the movie, ‘Actor in Law’ won three awards and Fahad Mustafa got best actor award and Nabeel Qureshi got best director award.

In the drama category, Farhat Ishtiaq won the best writer award and Hassan Khan won the best actor and Ehtisham Uddin won best director award. Maya Ali won the best actress award for giving wonderful performance in the drama serial, ‘Mann Mayal’. The drama serial, ‘Dil Lagi’ won the best tv play. The foreign actor, Halid Ergonc of the tremendous drama serial, ‘Mara Sultan’ won the international icon award and he attended the ceremony to receive his award. Imran Abbas sang the song of Nusrat Fateh Ali, ‘Kissay da Yaar Na Bicharay’ and he paid the tributes to the performed, who left this world recently.






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