Making Face Mask at Home Using Reliable Material


The entire world is facing the threat of the novel coronavirus, which was originated from the animal market located in Wuhan, China during December last year. Now this fatal virus has spread all over the world and nearly all of the countries of the world have been affected by this deadly virus. As of today, total number of cases due to this virus has been reached over 4 lac and it is reported that the deaths are reached over 20 thousands. Making Face Mask at Home Using Reliable Material.

Making Face Mask at Home Using Reliable Material

Making Face Mask at Home Using Reliable Material

WHO has advised that the people need to take the precautionary measures and they need to stay at home, washing their hands for 20 seconds and wear the masks, when they go out but the number of cases are increasing rapidly.

Because of the huge demand of the face mask, there is huge shortage of hand sanitizers and masks are reported in various countries including Pakistan. These items are provided in the market and they are sold at the high rates.

How To Make a Face Mask at Home

With the worsening of the outbreak of COVID-19 situation, the demand of the face mask has been increased manifolds and there is great shortage of the masks and if they are available, these masks are overcharged. You can learn how you can make the mask at home:

When you start making the face mask, you need the basic material including marine-grade vinyl, industrial tape, foam and elastic. You can also use the materials from bandana and scarf and the viewers should note the following supplies:

  • Kitchen towel / t- shirt / other material
  • Rubber bands

You need to take two or three layers of the kitchen towel and make small accordion folds until the paper is folded in to thin and long rectangle. We need to ensure that such material do not let the corona virus to pass through it. Then tie the rubber bands, shoelaces or other strings on both sides. You can staple them or punch a hole on the ends and tie the band through the holes. Now you can stretch them enough to cover your face and you can make your mask at your own.

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