Manmohan Desai cinema brand of Actor In Law


30 years ago, a film like “Actor in Law” would be starred by Amitabh Bachchan and directed by Manmohan Desai. This is a huge comparison of Quershi but there are important reasons behind this as several components of Desai’s masala film are present in this Pakistani film including father & song hug, secularism, rain, dances, overacting of few characters, amusing comedy and a beautiful hero. The only thing missing is the drunken hero which is necessary for a Pakistani film.

The reason for a different accent by Mehwish Hayat was her character of a minority girl. The message provided by the film is quite clear like the presentation of drawing on canvas to understand difficult mathematical equations.

The screenplay is mostly well played apart from few scenes. There is an abstract motive behind the scenes of political rivals while the court room drama was weak. Characters other than the hero played major part during the climax scene of the film. Instead of heroine and other characters, it would be far better for Shaan Mirza to play his part.

From emotional point of view, the entering of father in the end was quite brilliant finish. But Fahad Mustafa played the most important role in the film. Om Puri’s praise for him is understandable. His comedy and emotional scenes both are performed very well. He can play a very important role in sustaining this revival period of Pakistani film industry.

This type of role is quite easier for a senior actor like Om Puri. If someone else may palyed that role, it would not have been performed that way and it’s well done by the producers for choosing Om Puri for this role.

The performance of Mehwish Hayat wasn’t bad either. Nayyer Ijaz, Saleem Mairaj and Alyy Khan all played their roles reasonably well. The comedians also played their important part very well but Khalid Anum’s cameo performance was not up to the mark.

Raaht Fateh Ali Khan sung the title song ‘Khudaya” very nicely while the music by Shani was not exceptional but it suits the overall mood of the film. In the end, Fahad invited Mehwish for dance during which the song “Dil Dancer Hogaya” was presented that was picturised very superbly. It was Imtiaz Ali’s magic while Karachi was also presented in the film accordingly by the production design team.

‘Actor in Law’ by Qureshi si quite clear and simple film that is quite similar to Desai’s film. This brand of film is present in the film industry since decades while it is still present in the films of Farah Khan and other such filmmakers. This film really looks close to the idea.

At different times, the film ‘Actor in Law’ seems original and it looks mediocre at times. Qureshi made several of its scenes look natural that are in fact quite weak and unnatural. Political satire in the film is also presented in a superb way. But despite few of its shortcomings, there is no doubt that it is a good and entertaining film that deserves to be watch.

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