Mohenjo Daro Movie Review


The well known Sindh Festival is celebrated at Mohenjo Daro and it was wonderful experience, which also resolved the geographic history. Bollywood film industry has made the movie on Mohenjo Daro and the actor show the performance in the lead role and he fights for the grace and dignity of Mother Sindhu, which is also shown in the trailer of the movie.

Most of the people use the word of Sindhu and they mention the hope for debate and discourse. They entered in cinema to watch the Sindh festival and it seemed real. It was made clear that those people, who claimed to be sons of the soils, they are not worried about the body of their mother which was rotten in a corner of the universe. The history of Mohenjo Daro is not discussed in original and it has various inaccuracies. The popular TV shows like Marco Polo and Vikings took the friendly version of history and it has the sound archeological base and it is not the case with Indus Valley Civilization. The people of this valley crossed the river Ganga and they came here thousands of the years before.



The people can know about this fact by reading the Indus valley Civilization before the Vedic period and Hinduism but many people watched the atrocious account of Mohenjo Daro. Now it is the duty of the film maker to avoid the forgotten chapter of history, which can confuse the people about their history. It is frustrating for the people that this movie was boring and the epic could have been set. It is shown that a farmer, Sarman from Ari village located near Dadu came to Mohenjo Daro for some business activities. His father gave some coins to him and they have some encryptions on these bronze biscuits and they can be used in emergency. When he came there he fell in love with the daughter of priest. She found that Sarman is appointed to overthrow the present ruler of Mohenjo Daro and he would reclaim the true glory of the civilization.

If you did not read such story or watched any movie on this topic, then you should watch this movie and pay the visit to this great and old civilization of Mohenjo Daro. You will also find the new version of story by Gowariker and they watch Sumerians traded with Indus people and another festival, in which the models try to shake the leg on ruins.

You may enjoy free music of Mohenjo Daro from the given link below:

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