Most Admired Womens list Despite Defeat in Elections Hillary Clinton on top


Despite losing US Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton of Democratic Party remained on top of the list of Most Admired Women 2016. Malala Yousafzai is at 6th spot in this list. US President Obama is on top in the list of 10 Most Admired Men.

Among the participants of this survey, 12% named the former presidential candidate of Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton remained on this level 21 times which is a record for any woman. US first lady Michelle Obama remained on 2nd position as her percentage of admiration is 8%. According to Gallup, Malala Yousafzai is on 6th spot in this spot while she is also the youngest personality to achieve ‘Nobel Peace Prize’.

According to men’s survey, American President Barack Obama is the most favorite personality as 22% people in the survey take the name of Obama while 2nd of this list and newly elected US President Donald Trump for whom 15% showed their favor. Obama took this position for the 9th time.


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