Movie The Accountant Tremendous Success


The new Hollywood movie, ‘The Accountant’ has been released and this movie is filled with action and thrill. This movie earned two billion and 58 crore rupees on the first three days after its release and this movie got the top position on the box office. This movie was directed by Gavin O’Conner and the story of the movie is about an accountant, who takes care of the accounts of the criminals. During this process, he faced a problem. In this movie, the main role is performed by the leading Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck.

The second top movie on the chart is ‘Kevin Heart – What Now’, which is directed by Lisley Smalls. The movie is about the leading comedian, Kevin Heart and he is going to start his tremendous show in a football ground. He performed various comedy tricks while performing before 53,000 people and this show becomes the most successful and popular show of the year. This movie was full of comedy and action and Helly Barry is also showing the performance and the total income of this movie comes to one billion and 26 crore rupees and it remained at the second number of the box office.

The Hollywood movie, ‘The Girl on the Train’ remained at the third number and this movie could earn only one billion and 25 crore rupees. The story of the movie shows that a divorced woman is carrying out the research work about the missing person, but she faced the problems and there is suspense and thrill in this movie.


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