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Online Verification of Vehicle

Online Verification of Vehicle


When people buy the old and used cars, they think over different factors like price and overall condition and there is the most critical factor is the legal issues or the paper work, which is related to the vehicle registration and verification, which is not done correctly and they will lead to the awkward position and even to jail. People should remember to purchase the vehicle with the proper paperwork without any mistakes. MTMIS can help you to find the issues while purchasing the cars.

There are different ways which the buyers can use to verify the used cars in Pakistan and they can send their SMS to the specific number on the basis of registration city of the car. When they submit the SMS, they will receive the confirmation message that the car is clear or not.

The buyers can also use second method by entering the registration number of the car on the website of the authority and it will share the details of the cars as per their record. Most of the times, the authority concerned does not update the data on the regular basis and this method do not work properly.


People living in Punjab need to send the registration number of the vehicle to 9966 and they will receive an SMS from Punjab Excise and Taxation Department and the charges of the sending of the SMS will be only Rs.1.50 and it is better to use the service than getting the information. They need to dial the number 08009966 to get the information from this service.


The people, who live in KPK can also try the same method to get the information about the registration of the car, which they want to buy and they will get the similar response from the authority concerned.


People in Sindh can get the information regarding used vehicle by dialing the contact numbers, which are given by the Anti Car Lifting Cell as per websites of Sindh Police. The numbers are given as under:

  • 021-99205000
  • 021-99205683
  • 0322-2707213


The people living in capital city, Islamabad need to type CNO, which means chassis number in the text box and give the single space and type full chassis number without any dash or space. For example, CNO xyz445588 and send this text to 8521. At this time, the online verification system is non functional.

Azad Kashmir

No online portal has been introduced to verify the used car when people buy the old vehicle in Azad Kashmir. They can get the history and overall condition of the car by making contact with below mentioned authorities:

  • Minister Transport Authorities office number 05822-921117
  • Secretary Transport Authorities office number 05822-920174, 920127

Gari.Pk Online Vehicle Verification – MTMIS

When you complete the initial process, you need to visit the concerned office to get the verification certificate or card and it will be mentioned that the car is cleared as per their record and data.

  • Criminal record: You need to visit CIA or ACLC offices depend on the region and get verification card that vehicle is not involved in any criminal activity. It is essential procedure and you should follow it. You do not need to have any awareness in the future after buying the car. Furthermore, a chemical test on the car can be performed in the relevant offices checking and verify originality of chassis and engine numbers of the vehicle.
  • Ownership: Secondly, you need to check file of the car and sometimes it is placed at the Excise office. It will share detail about actual owner of the vehicle and other details like token payment. Additionally, the copy of FIR against vehicle might be present there in the file in such a case where complainant made an effort to reach the office.
  • Post office: If the token of the vehicles is paid, one can easily get it checked from Post office where it has been paid.For



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