Mufti Naeem Reconciles Between Veena Malik and Asad


Karachi, Actress Veena Malik and her husband, Asad Khattak approached to Mufti Naeem in Karachi to reconcile on the issue of divorce.

Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak have some issues with each other and they got divorce few days earlier. They reached to dar Ul Uloom Banoria International and they met with Mufti Naeem. During the meeting, he discussed with the couple on all issues, which have created serious problems between them. Then Mufti Naeem asked the couple to resolve their issues and forget all of the problems so that they can reconcile with each other. After the meeting, Asad Khattak and Veena Malik did a press conference with Mufti Naeem and he said that according to the teachings of the Holy Quran, it is needed to resolve their issues and they should get reconcile and they should live with each other with love and respect. Mufti Naeem also said that Veena Malik brought ideal changes in her life and she has left everything to get married with Asad. During the press conference, there were tears in the eyes of Veena Malik.

On the other hand, after meeting with Mufti Naeem, Asad Khattak wrote ‘Al Hamd o Lillah’ on the social media site, twitter and he showed his love for Veena Malik. Now it is said that the issues of the couple will be solved.


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