Murder Threat to Mahesh and Alia Bhatt for Not Giving Bhatta


Mumbai, Bollywood leading director, Mahesh Bhatt received a call from the unknown person and asked to give bhatta of Rs.50 lac. If he would not pay bhatta, then his daughter, Alia Bhatt and wife, Sani Razdan can be murdered.

According to Indian media reports, Bollywood director, Mahesh Bhatt received the call for giving bhatta and the unknown person asked him to deposit this amount in a bank account of Lucknow city. The unknown also asked him that if he would not pay bhatta to him, then he and his daughter, Alia Bhatt and his wife Soni can be murdered.

Initially, Mahesh Bhatt did not pay attention on the threat call. When the demands are repeated on the telephone, SMS and WhatsApp, then he reported in Joho Police Station of Mumbai and the police started the investigation. On the other side, director Mahesh Bhatt thanked the police of Maharashtra and Uttar Pardesh on the social media website, Twitter and said that the police finished the issues, before it is started.

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