Nadia Hussain Shares 5 Beauty Tips


Nadia Hussain in the beautiful and pretty Pakistani host, actress, model and she has done entrepreneur. She reveals some of her beauty secrets with other women, who want to look beautiful and elegant

Travel Essentials

She said that she likes to use the essential things, and she keeps astringent along with baby gel oil, chapstick and she cannot imagine the life without it. So she likes to use it everywhere she goes.


She asks who do not like the smell and she likes to wear the Mademoiselle by Channel, White Linen by Estee Lauder and she also likes to use Elie Saab for night use.


She uses the zinc, Biotin capsules and magnesium for her hair. She also likes to use caster oil, which is mixed with coconut and mustard oil so that they can boost and nourish their hair. They also invest in the good quality hair extension to give the different hair styles.

Skin Care

She believes in the cleansing, which is the key of the good skincare. She goes for regular facials and the little skin pampering with the laser hair removal treatments makes her skin flawless. She prefers the oil free products as she can have the acne prone skin. She likes to have the clean and clear medicated astringent and believe to do wonders for skin. She also likes to use vitamin C serum and the rosehip oil. The few spritzes of rose water are mixed with glycerin, which helps to keep the skin soft and glowing.


She does not like to leave the home without having a highlighter. She loves the good highlighter to make her skin glowing. She prefers the pink toned blush to give the fresh and youthful look. When she camouflage the dark circles on the skin, it is important to use good formula to conceal underneath the eyes. She believes in correcting the sets up of clear canvas to put the makeup on. She also likes to use mascara and eyelashes, which can play key role in make up as the eyes are pop and they look very beautiful and bright.

Tips and Tricks

If you are facing the problems of acne or breakouts, then deep cleansing would be great for the skin. She recommends the oil free moisturizers for the skin and they do not need to have breakout during the summer season. They need to use sun block or large hats to protect against the sun damage and they cannot be neglected. They should use fruits and juices as they can detoxify the body and give the way to healthy and clear skin.

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