NADRA & FBR Tax Profiling System with Asset Details


Nadra Officer

Nadra Officer

The Federal government has made the claims to increase the tax net, when it came into power during last year. The prime minister of Pakistan has urged the nation many times and pay their taxes being the responsible citizens but it does not become so successful as it was expected. NADRA & FBR Tax Profiling System with Asset Details.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has started the tax profiling system after making the collaboration with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and it allows the registered users to view the tax profile. This system is integrated with the data like property, bank accounts, utility bills and travels from different sources.

The concerned department has taken this step in order to make the payment of tax hassle free process and it can integrate other useful data like credit history and loans in order to offer everything in one place. The launch of this portal will not be used for the assessing of the tax worth but it gives an account of information to the citizens, which are provided with the government.

The government has also shared the list of assets, expenses and the other data of about 53 million people as it is provided with various other government departments and the citizens can watch their profile. The government can easily increase the tax net and it is delivered on its premises.

Registration Criteria

You can use this service if you are:

  • Pakistani national and hold the valid CNIC/NICOP
  • Hold the PTA registered mobile number for the citizens residing in Pakistan.
  • Have email address for the citizens residing outside Pakistan.
  • Have made the payment of 500 PKR through e-Sahulat or debit card
  • Above or 18 years of age.

Easy 3-Step Process

You can get the access to the data, which is available with the government and you have to register on Tax Profiling System by filling the data and answer the multiple question for the security reasons.

The registration process is included with three steps:

1.         Personal Information -            CNIC, PTA approved mobile number

2.         Email/mobile verification –    Verification code through mobile / email

3.         Citizen verification -               Two secret questions relating to your family to                                                                                carry out the verification.

After completing the process, you have to pay the amount of Rs 500 through credit card or by visiting the e-Sahulat center.

You should follow the payment fee and you can download the tax profile.



Tax Profile

The tax profile is added with details providing from bank accounts to last utility bills and the taxes paid, your properties, car or bike you drive and the domestic and international trips. The tax net profile can make the users able to declare their assets accurately with FBR and they will play their part in the economic development of the country.

Pros and Cons

The integration of data from various government sources on single platform, is the first of its kind achievement and it can save the people from the hassles when they visit the different government offices to assess the tax profile. The information can be used in order to make the return of the filing data correct, if it is incorrect.

The official statements show that the system has been made secure and no person can get the information of the others. The security could be increased further and the ultimate objective of this portal is to bridge the gap and they can provide information to people at their doorsteps.

Credit Card

Credit Card

E Sahulat

E Sahulat

This step would serve as first link in the chain to make the tax net big and the government shows to resolve and improve the data security further.

The downside is fee of Rs.500, which can hamper the process and it could serve as an obstacle and it is useful process as number of citizens would be reluctant to pay the fee for this process.

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