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This is terrifying that every single resident knows all very well, that waiting in lines to get their ID card made after God knows how many times they have to visit the local NADRA offices. This process can be unmanageable and hair splitting as most of the people would bear out. Therefore for this all the problems and delays regarding getting your CNIC in the country, what if somebody in NADRA found out that currently it’s the 21st century and things have to be various for the residents here?

This is the entire plan behind NADRA’s latest plan. They are going planning to make an Online CNIC service which is all regarding making the process simple and hassle free. The process is this that you apply for your CNIC online from NADRA, and they manage the rest delivery added.

No more you are going to be bothered along with Executive centers, Registration centers and other confusing location which anybody who has applied for an ID card would basically have to go through. You do not have to jump through the hoops to be defined since right now this whole apply for ID card online service has made distances immaterial.

Therefore here is how the entire process of getting an Online CNIC works. Remember that the service is not live just yet. It is going to be operational in the very near future.

How to Apply for Online CNIC

The journey begins from – – the beginning stage for Online CNIC registration.

They have made the entrance for all kinds of ID Card issues. Some of them are as below:

  • Get a new ID Card (for those who wants to get their ID card for the first time)
  • Renew your ID Card (in case of expiry of current ID card)
  • Reprint your ID Card (useful for making copies or printing out your ID Card)
  • Get a new Overseas ID Card (for expatriates and oversees Pakistanis)
  • Modifying your ID Card Details (in case you missed a detail or two while you apply for CNIC Online)

While you have find out that which option of ID Card issues is applicable for your purposes, then you have to go ahead. Based on the option you choose you’re ‘Application Fee’ and ‘Supporting Documents’ is going to be different based on the option you select.

‘Supporting Documents’ when you Apply for Online CNIC

NADRA has turned out their online service very easy and simple to use. You select one option for CNIC which is proper for your purpose and they are going to give you the list of supporting documents which will be needed for the next step.

Step 1: take a look here to see what supporting documents are needed:

Example 1: An international ID Card is going to need a PASSPORT COPY and CRC.

Example 2: A Renew ID Card is going need Scanned Copy of CNIC (if no modification is required.

Apparently NADRA has turned the process simpler for everybody. Actually the website is designed for mobile as well, making use of responsive web design technology to improve its use. Enhance like these are a good that NADRA is improving to the 21st century.

Remember that NADRA is going to ask for other documents according to their requirements later on, a point they make clear while applying for CNIC online.

NADRA’s Online ID Card Service

NADRA’s Online ID Card Service

Preparing your Documents for Online Processing

NADRA has revealed the complete guidance on making all kinds of documents for sharing. Identifying conventions, file size limits, images file formats, and more. you call it, they have made guidance for them, in case to make sure the process runs gently.

Presume that you have to change you photo while your CINC expires or some other problems as that. To upload a appropriate photo according to NADRA needs, they have a Photography section featuring the answer to that proper question.

In the following there are some of the Preparatory Guides NADRA contains for supporting documents:

  • Photo Capture
  • Fingerprints Capture
  • Form Filling
  • Document Upload

As well they have got a video instructing the uploading process for everyone –

Application Fee for Online CNIC

Its related on where you reside and what kind of Online CNIC option you have chosen for, you are going to be need to pay out an application Fee charges. Please check out the rates here to know how much it would cost you in processing your Online CNIC application.

As well they have provided the rates for NICOP and CNIC; as well it’s added with the details regarding modifying the age, and delivery rates for CNICs within the country and outside the country.

Concluding Thoughts

We prefer to have an Urdu version of this online source as well, in order to enhance to a better demographic of internet Pakistani users, particularly those from people from rural and countryside locations. However this is an incredible step by NADRA to bring up e-Government in the country within the common man’s reach.

The Online CNIC registration and delivery is the requirement of the hour in this country of with 180 million population level. A worthy enhancement actually that can take care of the restricted access related with Pakistan’s bureaucratic workings.

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