New Animated Reaction Features for Facebook Video Chat


Washington, If you do the video chat on the facebook and you want to give any reaction immediately then facebook has prepared some new reaction features for you, which become part of the video.

Now you can include animated reactions, filter, mask and effects during your talk and make the memorable moments of your video call more interesting and all of the users of the facebook can use them.

These reactions are included with the feelings of love, laugh, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger. During the chat, you will need to tap under the screen and you will select one of these five reactions, which will appear on the screen within few seconds. For example, if the option of sadness is appeared, then the cartoon tears will start blowing from your eyes.

The product manager of facebook, Noora Meeshora told that facebook has maintained the entertainment in the video calls so that you can select the reaction being appeared from the face or it does not appear from the face. But you should keep camera to your face while selecting the reaction. There are some of the filters, in which color, heart and the shining stars are also included.

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