New Google Earth Gets Stunning 3D Images


Google Earth is one of the oldest thing, which is made by search engine and it has received much needed upgrades. The users got the high resolution satellite image of the earth, which was stretched on the globe.

The viewers have to spend lot of time to explore various destinations from place to place. Now latest update has been developed to increase the time wasting potential and make them easier to navigate the blue planet.


There is an important change to give the access to Google Earth on any browser on any OS. The update is applied to both the web version and Android app. The interface is simplified with easy access to everything they need.

Knowledge Cards

For the selection of location across the world, Google Earth offer knowledge cards and these cards are little more than the trivia and they can link to the Wikipedia page of location to get more information.


The voyager is the version of Google of guided tours. The virtual tour of place takes you to about 10 destinations for each tour. There are some of the tours, which have videos and embedded with each destination and explain the significance for every location. There are 40 tours available. Google has made the collaboration with NASA, BBC and Digital Globe and others for the tours and it will make more of the tours in future.

Feeling Lucky

Like the Google search counterpart, Earth version goes to different locations at any time. The application, Google Earth has made 20,000 locations for feeling lucky button, which is worth searching. If you have money to burn and you do not where to go then you use this feature to help with it. Some of the buttons you press, you are bored and you cannot think of anything to do.

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