New Trailer of Animated Movie The Nut Job 2


The new trailer of the 3D computer animated adventure and comedy filled movie, ‘The Nut Job 2’ is released now. This movie will be released on the cinema houses in August. Cal Brunker is the director of the movie and the story o f the movie is moving around a squirrel, Sirli and its friend rat, Buddy, who make the plan to steal from the nut store and after that they became the part of an adventure.

The squirrel and its friends are ready to save the park, to which the mayor wants to destroy it. There are various top rated actors of Hollywood like Will Arnett, Gabriel Iglesias, Katherine Heigl, Jackie Chan, Jeff Dunham, Maya Rudolph and others gave their voices to different animated characters. This movie is filled with comedy and adventure and it will be released on the cinema houses on 18 August.


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