New Version of Opera Browser Open any Website


Silicon Valley, The new desktop version of Opera Browser has been released, which not only stops the unnecessary commercials but also the clients can watch all such website, which are banned.

There are two big problems of ‘Security and Privacy’ and the ‘Abundance of the Commercials’ on the internet. Various websites want to earn maximum money through AdSense or other like services and there are commercials on every page at the upper and lower end and also on the right and left sides of the page. When you download the page, the commercials are also appeared in form of ‘pop up window’, which earn most part of the internet connection. Resultantly, the broadband internet becomes passive and it seems that it is using the dial up connection of 20 years before.

The other issue is social and political to the large extent because such all websites are blocked in every country, which are considered against the interest of the state and the peace and harmony or they can be considered ‘unethical’ according to the government point of view. The people struggle hard to get the access to these websites and they use the unblock services, to VPN calling the browser plug in and the browser extension.

The internet users living in Pakistan, who got the access to the video sharing website during ban on YouTube in the country, they know this turmoil. The free VPN provides very less internet speed, and huge money is required to get the full speed, which is out of control of the ordinary citizen of Pakistan.

The latest version of Opera Browser, which is prepared for the desk top and lap top computers, both the issues are solved with it at a time and the effective Adblock means the software stopping the appearance of unnecessary advertisements and one virtual private network (VPN) are made the part of this new opera browser. These two things are present in the built-in of latest version of Opera Browser and it is presented to the clients freely.

The blog is written about it on the official website of Opera and the VPN is discussed in this VPN, which connects with the one of the five data centers of Opera using the ‘AES Encryption’ of 256 bit. It seems apparently that Opera wants to provide maximum facilities to its clients. When you analyze the international market of Browsers, then it is found that the share of Opera is reduced from 2.6% to 1.0% in the browser market from 2011 to 2016, which is great threat for this company. While during this period, the share of Google Chrome web browser is increased from 24% to 72%.

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