Nike New Shoes Self Tie Up


Oregon, Nike is the leading company, which has introduced new and modern style of shoes and other products for its clients and now this company has introduced the new style and design of shoes, which can tie up their laces itself. Nike has issued the pictures and these New shoes have great similarity with the shoes, which are shown in the science fiction movie, ‘Back to the Future’. The company did not release more information about the shoes but the viewers can judge that these shoes has blue colored LED and it is added with such a system, which can store the electricity, when the person walks, who wear them. These shoes are added with the ‘electricity on the go’ and the Peezo Electric material is used to get the benefit from it.

These shoes are installed with such sensors, which feel the feet of the person and they issued the directions to the system, which is already installed in it that how gently or strongly the shoes will be tied. When you need to pull off the shoes, you need to pull the laces a little bit and they will become loose automatically. The sale of these shoes will be started in USA within coming two months and at the initial stage, these shoes will be available at the website of the company and on some selected stores.

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