Nokia Phone Authenticity Through SMS


The mobile phone scandals and the unauthorized dealers sell the stolen or smuggled devices in Pakistan, which is common practice inPakistan. Most of the companies offer their warranties and the benefits to the users and it is important for the users that their mobile phone must be genuine and verifiable.

To verify that your smart phone is registered with the company or not, Advance Telecom has started the IMEI check service and the users can send the SMS showing the IMEI number to the company and the users can get the verification of registry of their mobile phone through the text message. It will help the users to confirm that the smart phone is eligible for 100% warranty claim.


The users can send the text containing IMEI number to 8797 through these formats:

  • Nokia<space>IMEI
  • nok<space>IMEI
  • NOKIA<space>IMEI
  • nokiaIMEI

The company has already registered the devices and the responses will be received from the registered numbers through the text message and the users will be eligible to claim 100% warranty about the devices. It will ensure that the buyers will know whether the device is genuine and locally supported by the Advance Telecom.

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