Official Trailer of ‘Suffragette’ Released



London, The new clips of the British drama movie, Suffragette has been issued. This drama movie is made on the movement of the women and Sara Gavin is the director of the movie. The story of the movie is revolving around the movement, which was started in 18th century for the rights of the women and this movement is moving around the initial characters of the movement. This movement is started with the efforts of these people to give the rights to the women in Britain.

In the cast of the movie, Marol Streep, Helen Bonhem, Caray Maligan, Brendon Glesson, Ben Whesha and some other artists are included. Some of the scenes of the movies are shot in the inside of British parliament, which became the part of any movie in the history. This movie is the joint production of Alison Owen and Fay Ward and it will be released on 30 October under the banner of Ruby Films.
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