Open Letter of Indian Journalist for Saba Qamar


Karachi, Pakistani leading and popular actress, Saba Qamar has performed well in the Bollywood movie, ‘Hindi Medium’. An Indian journalist wants to get her interview but he failed to get the interview and now he appreciated her acting in the movie and he wrote the open letter after encouraging her acting. She has shown wonderful performance in her first Bollywood movie, ‘Hindi Medium’.

Due to escalation in the tensions between Pakistan and India, she could not go to India to participate in the publicity campaign of her new coming movie and she did not have the chance to give interviews to many Indian journalists. One Indian journalist, Fareedon Shaheryar tried to get her interview but he failed to do so. Then he wrote the open letter to the actress and it went viral on the social media in short time.

He said that he did not watch her any drama on the tv but now he will watch her dramas on the youtube as the acting of Saba Qamar has impressed him very much. She has done the role of Mithu in wonderful way and they want to get their work done through their husbands well and they also blackmail their husband emotionally. He did not laugh on the comedy movies, which were released recently but he got the entertainment after watching her acting, which was very close to the nature.

The Indian journalist said that he tried many times to get her interview but he was failed in this effort. Then he thought to write the open letter to her. He also wrote some questions, which he wanted to ask from her and he hoped that she would answers of these questions.


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