Opening Ceremony of Movie Wajood of Javed Sheikh


Karachi, The prominent and popular actor of Pakistan film industry, Javed Sheikh has made all preparations to make his new movie, ‘Wajood’, which will help to strengthen the Pakistani film industry.

The opening ceremony was conducted in a local shopping mall in Karachi and the senior actors of the film industry, like Nadeem Baig and Shahid also attended the ceremony. Javed Sheikh did the hosting of the event himself and he shared the details of the movie and said that their movies should be promoted. It gives courage to the film industry and the artists. Shahid is the part of the movie, who was the super star of the film industry and now he is performing in the movie with the new face. The shooting of the movie will be started from 07 February and the shooting will be carried out in Pakistan and Turkey.

Film star Shahid was very pleased with his return to the film industry and he gave the credit to Javed Sheikh, who gave him the chance to perform in his movie. he said that Javed Sheikh various successful movies and now this movie will also get the success in the film industry. In the opening ceremony of the movie, various actors and actresses like Danish Taimoor, Fareeha Altaf, Saeeda Imtiaz, Aditi Singh, Ali Saleem, Faiza Khan, Shaheen Khan, Asad Khan and others attended this ceremony.


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