Opera browser built-in free VPN for online privacy


In order to provide protection from censorship, the Norwegian online advertising and browser firm Opera Software ASA has introduced a VPN tool embedded in its latest desktop app. But a consortium from China has created problems for China by bidding highest as the country strictly sensors the internet.

Web search and security firm Beijing Kunlun Tech Co and Qihoo 360 Technology presents the consortium that offered bid of $1.28 billion for the company.

When asked about future of bid after the presence of Opera’s new free VPN in the browser, neither Opera nor Qihoo 360 and Kunlun responded.

It was told by Opera on Thursday at its official blog that a free built-in VPN is included in its newest version of desktop internet browser that can prevent internet censorship despite heavy usage. In this blog, company’s senior vice president said that everyone has the right to remain private on internet and this new feature will provide assurance to the internet users that they can view anything anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, Opera’s CEO Lars Boilesen said that it was not his decision to sell the product to the Chinese company but the shareholders of Opera took that decision.

It is necessary for Chinese internet companies to censor any content against the policies of the ruling Communist Party or the content not liked by the party. Due to frequent upgrades, Chinese internet censorship measures are considered best in the world and usually VPNs failed in China. It’s important to know how the latest Opera VPN will perform in China.

Now the Chinese consortium has given its last deadline of 24thMay to Opera. In order to finalize the deal, it is necessarily to be approved by the governments of USA and China.

Opera browser built-in free VPN for online privacy

Opera browser built-in free VPN for online privacy

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